Technical requirements

I play many different venues: concert auditoriums, school gyms, conference banquet halls, living rooms.  Sometimes there is plenty of equipment and professional audio/visual engineers, but sometimes there is not.  So DON'T worry!  We'll work it out.  Sometimes it's easiest for you to email a picture of what you have to  Or have someone call me at 423-313-2488.  Thanks!


In a perfect world, all this would be provided for me...
  • 10x5 feet performance area, preferably a raised stage
  • 2 electrical outlets/extension cord within 1 foot of mic stand
  • PA system with speakers and a mixer adequate for the space and number of audience members
  • 3 microphone stands, at least one with a boom extension
  • 2 vocal microphones with XLR/mic cables (one for me, one for volunteers)
  • 2 XLR lines and channels for my Direct Input boxes (for my guitar and iPod)
  • 1 monitor (speaker) on stage
  • Audio/Visual engineer
Hopefully, all or some of that can be procured, but here is what I MUST have, because I cannot travel with them:
  • 1 mic stand with boom extension
  • 2 powered speakers with speaker cords (1/4 inch outs)
  • 2 electrical outlets/extension cord


For family/kids' shows (optional, but super fun for the kids):
  • I will have my iPad and very short VGA adaptor so that I can project book images and other fun pictures
  • Please provide a projector, screen, and VGA cord long enough to reach from projector connection to my mic stand
For keynotes/workshops
  • I will have my laptop and a very short VGA adaptor so that I can project book images and other images from the Keynote app
  • Please provide a projector and a screen
  • I will control the laptop with my iPad from my mic stand, but will occasionally need help to turn pictures from iBooks app